When you only use diet to lose weight you are unlikely to maintain it. First it is difficult to starve yourself over a prolonged period as in many dieting regimes and secondly the body gradually adjusts to the lower food that is consumed. And if you are using exercise, the results will be marginal. Excessive exercising and secondly your busy schedule may not allow you to spare adequate time on exercising.

To achieve best results, it is necessary to combine exercise with a reduction changes in your basic lifestyle and that includes your diet. One may note that reduction in weight comes primarily from fat not muscle. Diet pills such as didrex help to reduce the appetite and thereby allow you to reduce your food intake. This is especially important if you are exercising as exercise helps to give a boost to the appetite. Didrex help to nullify the excess appetite.

Eating nutritious food such as salads, etc which is low in phentermine weight loss fat helps to loose weight at a faster rate. Eating three meals a day is sufficient to take care of the body’s basic needs. Diet pills such as Didrex, adipex and phentermine eaten before meal time’s further helps to reduce the portion even further. However, care should be taken not to get totally dependent on diet pills. Diet pills, like most medications, come with certain side effects which may not be all that pleasant. In most cases, these side effects do not affect a vast majority of the users.

If your goal is to blast fat and create lean muscle, focus on cardio vascular exercises popularly known as Aerobics. However, start doing these exercises in moderation. Begin with 15 minutes of gentle exercises and gradually increase the duration to 45-60 minutes. Remember, the whole purpose of exercising is to feel energetic. Fast walking or jogging will suffice in case you are too overweight for doing the cardio-vascular exercises mentioned above.

In the end, remember that you owe yourself and your family a fit figure. A fit figure is directly linked to longevity so ignore your excess weight at your own peril. But losing weight calls for determination and an extended weight loss program. You did not gain all those extra pounds in a matter of few weeks. So how can you loose them so quickly? However, this should not be a cause of disappointment to keep it postponed. The time for weight loss and a fit figure starts right now!